“Laparelli Sa Piano” will be an illustrated series information covering the history of Valletta by looking at the stories behind the monuments that are located in the streets and squares of Valletta; the buildings and the tales associated with them; the churches and their works of art; the architects and artists; the personalities and many more.

“Laparelli Sa Piano” will offer a visual narrative of the mosaic history of Valletta, Malta’s Capital City.

This programme is aired every Monday at 19:45 hrs on TVM

“DOC” the daily 10-minute health and well-being TV series will run for its 2nd consecutive year. The main objective of this daily programme is to assist and support the viewer to understand how the body works and how to look after one’s self and our loved ones, in order to live a full and lengthier healthy life.

This programme is aired daily from Monday to Friday on TVM at 06:45 & 08:45 and on TVM 2 at 10:45 & 20:30

Puffle Town is set in a faraway land, and tells a story of three ordinary, unruly little boys, called Barry, Harry and Larry. They were wizardly turned into puppets from Fairy Puffle, to make them repent for not tolerating their friends who are different in our society. With the assistance of Ronnie they will surpass different challenges in order to learn and start embracing different individuals in our society.

This programme is aired on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 18:00 hrs on TVM 2

Over the past TV schedule ‘MAFKAR’ offered viewers access to hidden gems located across our Islands by providing insight into the actual story behind them and into any related anecdotes. In the 2nd series of ‘MAFKAR’ we will once again delve into a variety of historic monuments from different eras, each one adding an individual piece to a historical mosaic that spans the centuries thus giving us a better understanding and more appreciation of our own identity.

This programme is aired every Thursday at 19:45 hrs on TVM

KNOTS will be running for its 3rd consecutive year offering a weekly experience covering the full programme of racing activities throughout the year both local and international. KNOTS will deliver plenty of information for yachtsmen whether for racing or cruising at any time of year. The core aim of the programme is to target sailing and boating in general. Starting from the very basics of the named sports by targeting all the main sailing schools and yacht clubs around the island. 

This programme is aired every Wednesday at 18:30 hrs on TVM 2