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So What Do We Actually Offer?

Below you will find a number of services that we offer Ltd will assist you in pre-production planning and management. We will read your script and give you the best advice for a time efficient and cost effective shoot.

We recommend locally based film and photography fixers, production service companies, and individual crew members including directors, DoP’s, videographers, photographers, sound operators, production drivers and a range of other film crew. Our production crews are highly professional, tightly bonded and multi-lingual; above all more than capable and happy to help in every situation via quick and pinpoint response. Being flexible, accurate and effective are their personal marks of distinction. All undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure you have the right production support for your shoot.

Our experienced location managers and scouts can find any location throughout Malta to match your requirements. With diverse landscapes and a mix of architecture from the olden and new worlds, Malta showcases a vast selection of beautiful locations.

Italy, Spain, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Turkey and Palestine are but a few of the countries which Malta has been used to stand in for. Malta is widely known for its versatile locations which can be used to stand in for a multitude of regions. Ltd organises location scouting plus a personalized digital database will also be made available directly on our website or using services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, aiding pre-production research for any kind of production. Ltd can budget and schedule any type of production, regardless of whether your budget is low, medium or high. We will provide reliable and cost-effective services. Budgets and schedules are prepared to meet individual requirements in all formats such as, for example, Movie Magic.

As well as advising on the best cost / creative approach, our global network also allows us to offer discounted rates with local industry suppliers such as equipment houses, studios, transport companies, and film-friendly hotels. Ltd produces projects around the world. With over 15 years of local and international production experience, our producers are able to put together a complete package that meets the cost and creative requirements of your next project.

Malta offers tax credits as well as financial incentives.  We can advise on the opportunities for your project to benefit from every possible incentive or fund.


Our company deals directly with the relevant local authorities to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in any location throughout Malta.

We provide and administrate a highly professional and multilingual crew. We rely on a qualified and experienced team of professionals who are highly experienced in working for international productions.


We carefully supervise our suppliers to provide you with the highest possible standards. We fulfill every production requirement: from equipment facilities to the best hotels on the island. Our close collaboration with many suppliers ensure privileged terms and conditions, whilst always keeping a close eye on budgetary considerations. 

Further itemization of our services:

  • Use of our company to trade in Malta and be eligible for VAT returns and the rebate offered by the Film Commission

  • Producing

  • Budgeting & Scheduling software

  • Accounting software for payroll, per diems and cost control.

  • Location scouting and management.

  • Liaising with various Government departments namely the Police, Armed Forces, Local Councils, Maritime Authority, Government Property Department, Planning Authority and Immigration.

  • Broad database of local technicians and crew available.

  • Excellent knowledge of facilities available.

  • Guaranteeing affordable rates and reliable services by trustworthy providers.

  • Building of film sets

  • Professional Set Design.

  • Managing the film production office in prep, shoot and wrap.

  • Assisting film crews throughout their stay

  • Rebate system and Tax returns.

  • Hiring of film crew.

  • Casting of actors and extras.

  • Film equipment sourcing and rental, including shipping arrangements.

  • Sourcing of transport and facilities vehicles for film productions.

  • Booking of flights and hotels for film crews and cast.

  • Sourcing of Insurance solutions specific to filming in Malta.

Whether it’s getting around Malta or any of the other Maltese Islands with production cars, vans, motor-homes and trucks, we can arrange travel and transportation for cast, crew and equipment.


Our network of actors, extras and model agencies fulfill any characteristics for every project. Ltd can organize and supervise all editing requirements with our established network of post-production companies: CGI, 3Ds, Audio Soundtracks etc.


Our global experience allows us to give detailed, impartial advice on filming in one or multiple countries. Whether you are looking for location ideas, cost comparisons, notes on permitting, information on bringing in gear and crew, or have any other questions regarding your next shoot abroad, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

We know how to make you feel at ease from beginning to end of the production process, from budgeting and research to the most challenging times during the shoot. Trust that we’ll make you feel at home! 

Low Tax Rates

A maximum 10% final tax rate for non-Malta resident and non-Malta domiciled actors, front of camera performers and film directors. With regards to socail security contributions, expatriate employees who are present in Malta for a short period of time in connection with a film production are exempt from payment of social security contributions. Block applications are also possible. 

Investment Funds

Malta offers a cost-effective and flexible environment to Media Funds Operators and investment advisers established in Europe and the US. These can be registered in Malta as Professional Investor Funds (PIFs) in terms of the Investment Services Act, 1994. The distribution of income of a scheme to foreign investors is not taxed in Malta. There are also no Maltese capital gains taxes imposed on the disposal of units in both prescribed and non-prescribed funds. A PIF may be set up as an incorporated open or close-ended investment company (SICAV or INVCO respectively), a limited partnership or a unit trust. It is typically a non-retail fund which is not subject to any restrictions on its investment or borrowing powers.


Up to 27% Cash Rebate

The incentives are in the form of a cash grant given to eligible productions on the qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta. Up to 27% of the eligible expenditure can be obtained as a cash rebate by a qualifying production company once filming is complete. Feature film and television productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries are all eligible for the incentives, provided that they are at least partially produced in Malta. While the below the line rebate amount for eligible exenpditure is not capped, above the line is capped at a maximum of €200,000. For co-productions considered as difficult the percentage amount can rise as high as 32% on expenditrue in Malta including all European crew and expenditure while shooting in Malta.

VAT Refunds

Malta has a VAT (Value Added Tax) charge of 18% on all goods and services supplied in Malta and Gozo, and on all taxable importations. The VAT rate for accommodation in hotels and licensed premises and the supply of alternative energy equipment stands at 7%. Certain supplies are exempted, such as food and medicine. Any VAT incurred on eligible production is refundable and should not represent a material cost. 

Tax Credits

The Government of Malta, under various legislations, offers filmmakers the possibility to produce and distribute audiovisual productions from Malta and pay the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. This can work up to a tax rate of 4.6% to all non resident shareholders that may be reduced to a ongoing nil tax percentage for a number of years based on the total eligible tax credits allocated from the costs spent in Malta. 

The Malta Tourism Authority offers financial assistance to films and TV productions representing ‘Malta’ directly consisting of flights to and from Malta where there are direct routes served by Air Malta, transpiration of cargo where there are direct routes served by Air Malta, location fees in public areas that are administered by the Central Government or local councils, hotel accommodation for cast and crew, as well as transport costs of production vehicles. 

Why Malta ?
  • A ‘can do’ business environment

  • Highly skilled workforce

  • Excellent quality of life

  • Political stability and safe environment

  • Rebate on eligible expenditure up to 27% (subject to State Aid approval)

  • A range of Mediterranean settings

  • Long hours of day light

  • Well-equipped water tanks facility

  • Very competitive rates for crews, artists & extras

  • English is widely spoken

  • Well connected with regular flights

  • Efficient tax system

Valletta Street
Blue Lagoon
Mgarr ix-Xini, Gozo
Mdina, Malta
St Julians
Manoel Island
Mgarr ix-Xini, Gozo
Manoel Island
Manoel Island
Fort Ricasoli
Mdina City Gate
Valletta Streets
Valletta, Grand Harbour
Three Cities
Blue Grotto
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