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Founded in 2001, is a dynamic, creative and highly successful independent production company specializing in broad-based popular Entertainment, documentary, Quiz, Chat Shows and TV Drama series. Combining creativity, innovation and experience - we launch ideas, develop formats and make great TV. We can create content, help get it on air by providing innovative, high quality services to help our clients create gold standard content and reach the broadest possible audience.


Over the past 16 years, has become renowned for providing outstanding programming to all of the Malta’s major broadcasters. from its premises in Cannon Road, Santa Venera incorporates 2 TV studios equipped with various light systems, HD cameras, and wireless neck mics. Both studios are soundproof and air-conditioned, suitable for both live transmission as well as recorded TV programmes, infomercials, commercials, short movies, music videos and more including green screen facilities to create high end visual effects. Complementing these 2 studios is a fully-fledged HD control room including on air CG and play out system allowing us to also offer live productions transmission. We also have 3 editing suites fully equipped with the latest technology both in hardware and software and equipped to handle high-resolution footage plus a fully equipped sound booth suitable for radio commercials, voiceovers for any kind of TV and radio production. specialises in all forms of audio-visual presentations including turnkey television productions and series.  The company provides highly advanced pre and postproduction technology including a team of operators who are more than well versed in the latest production techniques.


The core operations and administration team of consists of experienced broadcasters and media operators whose varied backgrounds include the Public Broadcasting Services, One TV, Net TV, Melita cable, Radio 101, One radio, private satellite broadcasters and privately-owned AV production companies. operates on the principle of combining state-of-the art technology with the skills of the industry’s most talented professionals.


Production Priorities:


  • Will the production be noticed?

  • Will it be remembered?

  • Will it be effective?

  • Will it work?


Creativity is foremost on our list of priorities and is one area where a great deal of effort is focused.  Nevertheless we are also greatly concerned with the practical considerations of whatever we do and the end results that need to be obtained.  This means that our productions are customized and tailor-made to meet your goals, to get the desired response, to be noticed and remembered by the people you want to address. Our goal is for our clients to meet their goals - our goal is for our productions to be effective - to work.


WHAT’S ON OFFER? offers a complete service, from concept creation through to project development, editing, and duplication. Both editorial and technical services are provided in-house, promoting speed, client convenience, and quality control. High quality audio-visual productions are not just about technology and equipment, the rendering of special effects or the speed of the hard drives. Granted, today's digital audience expects a certain level of technical quality - but an audience most of all needs, an ‘experience’ - something that compels you to stop, look and listen.


Through video production we continue to re-present the time-honoured storytelling art form, the oldest medium for effective education and entertainment. We also recognize the ways in which technology and communications are rapidly changing. Our productions aim at combining and striking an appropriate balance between new presentation formats and traditional values & quality.


Our work is the unique blend of talent and experience that our dedicated staff and contributors apply to all projects. Their backgrounds in television, commercial art, 3D animation and music, give us a distinct edge in developing the core components of any successful project.  Working as a team, we build projects that fulfil your goals, whether it is to train, inform, or sell.



The Approach


Our team approach includes our clients as an integral part of the whole creative process.  The client’s understanding of the project's direction and content is invaluable. No one is more qualified to determine the presentation’s goals and desired end-results better than the person or persons commissioning the presentation. Our clients’ active participation in the development of the presentation is therefore something we actively encourage. Our team has the vision, know-how, technology, creativity, and experience to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients by focusing on their specific needs and fashioning media options to precise specifications. 


The Company has also pioneered in creating innovative commercials, utilizing 2D, 3D and other CG graphics techniques. Including animated characters, mascots, animated logos, openers, idents both corporate and commercial, company profiles both for the local and foreign industry.


A few of’s proudest achievements are listed hereunder.

  • Din l-Art Helwa - “Wirt fil-Periklu” TV Series on TVM

  • Ministry of Education - “Wirt Malta” TV Series on TVM

  • MDC Corporate Video

  • “eZone” TV Series (5 Schedules) ON Net TV       

  • Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti - Exhibition Video

  • “Ipokriti” - filming of TV Series

  • “F’Bahar Wiehed” - filming of TV Series

  • “MiniBugz” daily programme on Net TV

  • “Reporter” Current affairs discussion programmes on TVM

  • Valetta Football Club - “Valletta Side” on Net TV

  • Sliema Wanderers Football Club - “Sliema Review”  on Net TV

  • - TV & Radio Adverts

  • e-licensing - TV & Radio Adverts

  • Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) - Corp Video

  • Sedqa – Video

  • “Ikompli” TV series on TVM

  • “Bernie” - Kids TV series on Super One

  • “Il-Mera” - TV series on Net TV

  • “Delitti F’Malta” - TV series  on TVM

  • “Kaktus” - Satirical TV series on Super One

  • “Il-Qoxra”  - Boating TV series on TVM

  • “Downforce”  - Formula 1 TV programmes on Melita Cable

  • “Kick Off” - Football TV programmes on Melita Cable       

  • “Owkej” – Children’s TV series on TVM

  • “Hawn Ahna” – Saturday afternoon quiz show on TVM

  • “Ciijjzz” – satirical 5 minute slots aired daily on TVM            


A one-stop shop for a huge variety of live and pre-recorded TV productions, prides itself on delivering an eclectic mix of popular, entertaining and high-quality programming.


Whether you’re a broadcaster or a brand, would love to work with you.

  • “Owkej Sajf” – Children’s TV series on tvm        

  • “4 fost il-gimgha” – Education 22 Channel

  • “118” – daily TVM series

  • “Tini5” – daily TVM kids TV series

  • “Bongu” – daily Breakfast Show on TVM over 4 schedules

  • “Tieqa fuq L-Ewropa”  - an EU sponsored TV production

  • “It-Tmien Nota” – drama series on TVM

  • “Reporter” – Current Affairs on TVM

  • “1205” – Daily afternoon Show on TVM over 3 schedules

  • “Oikos” – EU Funded TV Series

  • “Sellili” - Daily Afternoon Show on TVM over 2 schedules

  • “TVAM” – Daily Breakfast Show on TVM over  2 schedules

  • “TVPM” – Daily Afternoon Show on TVM over 3 schedules

  • 2 x 1 hour documentaries Ġwanni Pawlu II “Il-Papa tal-Millenju” – ONE TV

  • “TEBQA”  - Daily 5 minute clips aired on TVM

  • MAFKAR - weekly 5 minute cultural series on TVM (Season 2)

  • KNOTS - weekly yachting series on TVM (Season 3)

  • GRAMMI - weekly drama series on NET TV

  • XTRA - weekly current affairs TV show on TVM

  • DWARNA - weekly light entertainment TV show on TVM 2

  • MEA - weekly TV show on TVM 2 (Season 8)

  • Propjeta' Malta - weekly TV show on TVM 2 

  • Laparelli sa Piano - weekly 5 minute cultural series on TVM

  • Puffle Town - 3 times weekly kids TV show on TVM 2

  • DOC - daily medical TV series on TVM & TVM 2 (Season 2)

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