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This is what we do, and we love it!

Trophée Bailli de Suffren - 2017


It was our greatest pleasure working on this regatta with the Malta Yacht Club. We provided the club with 2 handheld cameras and a drone. We filmed for 3 days mostly on the sea. Then we created 2 cinematic videos, one of 5 minutes, which showcased all three days, and one of 1 minute, which showcased the best of the actual race.

X'Kien Ġara Tassew?


We had the pleasure of producing 'X'Kien Ġara Tassew?', an hour long television programme aired weekly on TVM for 10 weeks. It looked back on the history of Malta and asks questions regarding to what we know as history and what might have really happened. The presenter, Dr Charles Xuereb, asked researchers in different disciplines an array of questions to try and uncover some more information to what might have really happened in Malta's past.

Breathe Your Love - Music Video


We created this animated music video for an up and coming Maltese singer, Sarah Bonnici. It is a lyrical music video which is all animated to the beat and lyrics of the song.

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